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Conservative Instruments S/19 Ring Handle cassette ..

Rs.17,281.60 Rs.12,097.12

Extraction Forceps S/12 with cassette ..

Rs.26,275.20 Rs.18,392.64

Gracey Curette Premium S/9 w Pouch ..

Rs.11,289.60 Rs.7,902.72

Gracey Curettes Colour coded S/7 w cassette ..

Rs.12,801.60 Rs.8,961.12

Micro Surgery Instruments Kit S/6 ..

Rs.26,924.80 Rs.18,847.36

Perio Surgical S/12 with cassette ..

Rs.17,516.80 Rs.12,261.76

Perio Surgical S/8 with Pouch ..

Rs.1,630.72 Rs.1,141.50

PKT Carvers Colour Coded S/5 w Pouch ..

Rs.2,240.00 Rs.1,568.00

PMT Set of 3 with Top ring handle ..

Rs.3,964.80 Rs.2,775.36

Root Canal Pluggers Colour Coded S/8 w cassette ..

Rs.14,268.80 Rs.9,988.16

Root Elevators Premium S/9 with Pouch ..

Rs.9,139.20 Rs.6,397.44

Root Elevators S/9 with cassette ..

Rs.16,900.80 Rs.11,830.56

Root Elevators S/9 with cassette ..

Rs.16,900.80 Rs.11,830.56

Sinus Lifting Instruments S/8 W Pouch ..

Rs.15,948.80 Rs.11,164.16

Supera Gingival Scalers S/8 w Pouch ..

Rs.1,630.72 Rs.1,141.50
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